The Truth About Logo Variation [ In The Next 60 Seconds ]

What is a logo variation/logo variants?

A Logo variation is your business logo showing in different formats. ( Primary logo in a modified version or rearranged into another format). Sometimes logo sizes, shapes, or colors may change. but your modified logo should be recognizable as the primary logo. the purpose of the logo should be business identification.

Why logo variation needed?

The different platforms needed different logo sizes and versions, also the same logo in different ways is eye-catching rather than the same logo in different places, it may help to grab customer attention and keep the customers patiently. 

Types of logo Variations

  1. Primary logo(main logo version)
  2. Secondary Logo
  3. Submark(s)/ watermark logo
  4. Text-based logo Variations
  5. Black And White logo
  6. Social media logo Variations

1 – Primary Logo (your Main Business logo)

The primary logo is the main logo of your business which can be used for any purposes without changing it ( for your company  website, flyer designs, business  cards etc )

here I have attached our primary logo design(main logo). we use the primary logo for all design projects. (for a trademark, business card, flyers, letterhead, etc.) it may be horizontal or vertical.

2- Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo is your primary logo modified into another version/ can be used as an alternative to the main logo. If your main logo is a stacked version then your Secondary Logo could be a horizontal version. It’s useful when you’re unable to place your main logo on some places on websites or on your printing design. You have to use the secondary logo for social media accounts as well. 

here i have attached secondary logo version. its stacked version of the primary version of

3 -Submark(s)/ watermark logo

A submark is a modified logo that is simplified to only the most necessary elements of your main logo. It’s a more balanced version of the main logo. Submark logos are generally used for watermark purposes.

Here I have attached the watermark logo version. We use only the logo icon for the watermark. The watermark version is a more transparent version than the primary version of the logo. icon – watermark logo design

4 -Text-based logo Variation

The text-based logo is only the text version of the primary logo. We can use text-based logos for trademarks on photos, videos. text logo also can be used as the primary logo but the business logo uniqueness is less than the icon+ text-based logo. royalty-free fonts should be used for the logo otherwise you should purchase premium fonts for your text-based logo. icon – text based logo design variant

5 -Black And White Color Logo Variations ( Single-Color & Reversed-Out Logo)

The black color logo can be made after changing the primary logo color to the black color. The black color logo is required for different color backgrounds, ex: if the primary logo color is blue then you cant place that blue color logo on the blue color background. you have to change the logo color to a different color. black and white are the best for keeping the primary logo uniquely. if you change your primary color to different colors rather than black and white then your main logo look may change or customers cant identify your business logo uniquely. icon – black color logo design variant icon – white color logo design variant

6-Social media logo Variations

Business logo for Facebook Page Profile pic

The Sab mark logo or the modified primary logo can be used as a Facebook profile picture. Facebook profile picture size is 170px x 170px

that Attached Logo is our Facebook profile picture. We use the primary logo icon only for the Facebook profile picture.

Business logo for Twitter

Primary logo version one-color version / or sub mark logo can be used for Twitter profile picture. the profile pic size is 400 x 400 px.

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