law firm logo designs [lawyers logo]

The law firm logo is a visual identity created to represent the legal service/ lawyers. Your law firm logo is the first design that represents your law firm to the outside world.   When you are planning to design or purchase your logo, Just consider font, colors, size, arranagnet, text spacing, and logo icon, etc.; if your logo is already designed, take a look and check it’s modern or traditional. trustworthy, reliable, and professional logo can help to exchange trust a lot easier and smoother with your clients

Law firm logos are used by lawyer offices, attorney chambers, and law-related offices. To create creative high quality and unique law firm logo, you need to know more about, kind of people you are going to address, the legal service you’re going to provide, etc  Unique logo or an icon is beneficial to identify build up your brand as a lawyer. I have attached a few sample law firm logo designs that all designs are custom designs

Standard Law Firm Logo Design Colors

professional-looking colors should be used for your law firm logos. It sends a brand message of reliability and trustworthiness to the client. green and beige, brown colors are the most popular colors for the law firm logos. 

Blue color mean: reliability and calmness
Green color mean: trust, peace, and life
Beige: natural

What type of icons /symbols/images are used for the law firm logo?

lady of justice icon, gavel icon,  justice scale icons

Best Fonts for the law form logos?

Serif and Sans Serif fonts are the best fonts for the law firm logos.

Can you design your law firm logo using Microsoft word?

you can design your law firm logo using Microsoft software as well. but we are not recommending doing it, because we cant design professional logo design using Microsoft Software. Photoshop or illustrator is the best and recommended software for you to design your logo any your serf. if you haven’t an illustrator or photoshop you can use open-source vector software to design your logo.

if you haven’t an idea about your logo follow these steps.

  1. Look at your competitor’s law firm logos
  2. Decide a logo theme (modern law logo or traditional logo)
  3. Choose the best color pallet
  4. choose the best font for your logo
  5. the icon will include or not (symbol/image)

What is the best way to design a law firm logo?

It depends on your logo requirements, budget, etc. there are a few ways to design your logo. You can hire a professional graphic designer like, or you can use online free tools to create basic logos, or you can use design your logo on your own using illustrator, photoshop, etc 

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